Benefits of the Conversion at a Glance



Ignition: High Voltage Capacitor Ignition

• Primary energy 130 mJ

• Set spark duration

• Connection to controller


Mixture Control: RMG Mixer

• Higher maintenance and wear costs due to larger number of mechanical components

• No feedback signal


Controller: TEM/Kuhse/Klaschka

• 3 screens • No remote access

• No free access Original Wiring Rail

• If ignition/temperature components are defective, entire rails must be changed, leading to high material costs


Ignition: Digital Ignition Controller MIC4

• Primary energy 300 mJ

• Spark duration can be customized

• Connection to controller and mixture control


Mixture Control: VariFuel2 – Air/Gas Mixer

• Low maintenance costs

• Available feedback signal


Controller: ALL-IN-ONE Generator & CHP Control System

• 1 touch screen with MOTORTECH visualization

• Low service costs through remote access

• Free access


Wiring rail: AlphaRail

• It is possible to swap individual ignition/knock control/ temperature components, resulting in material cost savings.

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